Another one of my boyfriends good friends got married and we got to go to another amazing wedding. This meant I needed to make myself a new dress of course! I found this beautiful print I like to think of as bubbles on an oil slick. There are so many different colors and layers that I could stare at it all day.

I got a lot of this fabric wanting to try something new with the skirt. Instead of wearing a petticoat, I pleated almost 5 yards of fabric in big layered box-pleats and went with a high/low hemline. I mimicked this with a high neckline in the front and wore a strapless bra so that I could make the back a big open scoop. The amount of fabric in the skirt made it full and wonderful to twirl in even without a petticoat.

The wedding was at a beautiful mansion on a private vineyard just south of San Jose, CA. It had been raining all morning, but the skies parted for a beautiful late afternoon ceremony overlooking a dramatic green landscape. There is a huge rusty sculpture of the word LOVE to the right of the ceremony space that was ideal for photos (though I could’ve done without the direct sunlight in my face!)

I forgot to take a twirling video at the wedding so I set up my tripod a few days later and created this little ditty so you can really see how the skirt moves.

I paired my dress with brown T-strap heels, a brown Pashmina and some new earrings I made with some brown glass beads. I also found some amazing press on nails at Target that gave me the fingers of my dreams. I tried to curl my hair but it was a total failure so I just threw it into a low bun and was done with it. I don’t wear make-up often anymore and was really digging this look.

Selfie with my new lipstain that stayed put all night!

These are a brand called imPRESS that I found at Target. They stayed on a few days!

Pleating and pattern details.

I found these for $20 here!

Thanks love!

Looking forward to wearing this one again.