Want to learn how to sew?

Do you live in the Bay Area and want to learn how to sew? Do you have a sewing machine lying around that you don’t know how to use? or don’t quite remember how to use? Need a slight refresher on your basic sewing skills? Want to learn some new simple skills? I can teach you! And I will even come to your house!

Meet Carey, my most recent student who had a machine, couldn’t quite remember how to use it and had some projects that needed to be done:

“I hadn’t sewn anything since I was 16. I inherited a Bernina from my Mom when she passed away and it’s been sitting in my garage for longer than I care to admit. Katy helped me bring this machine to life and I am thrilled. She came to my house and helped me dust off the machine and plan my project. We designed a slipcover for my futon. She taught me how to measure and choose the right amount of fabric; cut a pattern; thread the machine; thread a bobbin; and complete the whole project in 3 days. I had considered going to a class but having Katy come to my home and give me private lessons was absolutely deluxe. She is a patient, kind teacher and her experience in fashion means that I can continue to get more advanced instruction as I advance in my skills. I am so pleased. I have since made 2 more covers for my futon and am now in the middle of making a linen slipcover for my sofa. Now I love sewing so much I can’t seem to stop. I can’t recommend Katy highly enough. It’s been such enjoyable experience learning to sew again. ”

She did an amazing job and I am proud to have her as a student. Check out her first project!


So, if you are looking for a sewing teacher, look no further! Just contact me at katyturner@gmail.com or 510-299-7206.

Happy Sewing!

1 thought on “Want to learn how to sew?”

  1. michele fillet said:

    Hello Katy, je viens d’avoir ton blog… tres sympa et des modèles ravissants comme la robe longue, et j’aime beaucoup aussi la ceinture de l’une qu’on voir de près; tes decolletes avec les plis, les torsades etc sont très seyants…
    J’aimerais vraiment faire de la couture avec toi si j’etais in the Bay Area… pour les robes, ce n’est pas mon vetement prefere (je les aime comme beaux “objets”!) mais des hauts de pantalons sympa… pourquoi pas…
    Je t’embrasse fort, te souhaite une année bien pleine, de boulot, d’amis, d’amour, de nature et tout et tout…
    Et je fais suivre ton blog a des amies.
    Plein de bisous de Paris
    Michèle ( la Mouzaïa)

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