About me & this blog

Hello there, and welcome to my blog.

My name is Katy. 

I grew up in Berkeley, CA and now live in Oakland.

I learned how to sew by hand when I was a child from both my grandmother, and my mother. In high school I created costumes for dance performances, but made my friend do all the machine sewing because it scared me so much! In college she finally made me learn, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. Later, I learned this craft much more completely when I went to FIDM and earned a degree in Fashion Design. While in school I learned that I was good at explaining my craft, and ended up teaching small classes and private lessons to adults and children at Stitch Lounge in San Francisco (it is sadly now closed).

I went to design school on a whim. I have never really had dreams of fashion. I don’t know many designers, and definitely don’t own any designer clothing. BUT I love art, and your body is just as important a canvas as any other, if not more so because you see it every day. I have always loved putting together an outfit, and find joy in being comfortable and feeling attractive because of how I look. Before going to school, I knew the basics of sewing, but knew very little about construction. I started out by altering most anything I bought in a store. I still do this. It is quite rare to find something in my closet I haven’t altered in some way. Sometimes it’s simply a little tweak here or there to make a piece of clothing fit better; sometimes it’s dying the fabric to change the color. But, sometimes it’s a little more.

At FIDM I learned all about construction, draping and pattern-making. Now I know how to make just about anything, and love doing so. My favorite thing is to make someone his or her dream article of clothing. I have had the honor of doing this a few times, and I cannot tell you how amazing the experience has been. I pride myself in working well with people, listening to their ideas, and executing a final product that results from a collaborative effort.

I make jewelry as well!

I have things for sale, and things I have made that I would like to show you, but most of all, I want to show you as best I can how I do some of the simple things I do that will change your life.

Please take a look around, there is lots to see and please let me know if you have any questions!


3 thoughts on “About me & this blog”

  1. sophie Corbeau-Dieng said:

    Bonjour Katy, je suis très impressionnée par tes talents de créatrice de mode. Je te souhaite de réussir. Meïssa aime beaucoup la robe verte avec la ceinture bleue et le wrap top…. Bonne chance et viens nous voir quand tu veux à Paris.

    Sophie, ton ancienne babysitter !!!

  2. Florence DEGREMONT said:

    Bravo Katy, continue et persévère, ce que tu fais est vraiment très bien! C’est très féminin, j’adore.
    Au plaisir peut-être de te revoir;
    Bises FLO

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