This has been one hell of a year and it felt great to have something to celebrate and have an excuse to kick my creative juices into gear again.

My boyfriend Luc used to live in London, and one of his good friends from that time in his life, got married to Leang last weekend. If you’ve looked at my designs on this site, then you can guess that if I’m invited to a wedding, the chances are quite high that I will wear a petticoat. There is no better place and they are one of my favorite things to wear (especially if I’m dancing). I already own two, but this wedding called for a third.

I found the fabric for this dress long before I knew of the wedding and was beyond thrilled to find it still in stock at Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley when the time came to actually make something to wear to the wedding. I love Batik fabrics and when I originally  found this pink marbled fabric I knew I wanted to make something fabulous out of it. Pink is not really my color, but this fabric just called to me. I knew I would go with my classic silhouette of a flared skirt with a fitted top but I decided to go a little longer than I have in the past.

It is classic Katy to leave the actual sewing of my designs to the last minute, and this was no exception. I had one of the worst weeks of my life right before the wedding and ended up sewing the actual pieces of my dress together after work the night before we flew to LA. It somehow always works out and I was packed and ready to go at 1am.

Finding the right shoes was not easy and I couldn’t wear them zipped all the way up, but I’m really happy with what I found. I also decided to make my own earrings. I found these perfect rose quartz drop beads and went with my favorite design. To cap off the look I did my spiral braid and had a light pink Pashmina to keep me warm during cocktail hour outside.

This wedding was the most amazing, extravagant and fun night I’ve ever experienced. In the end there were around 680 guests! It was an honor to be there and I wish Leang and Warren a lifetime of happiness!

And thank you Luc for taking all these photos and for a once in a lifetime weekend!