I had bangs years ago and as I was growing them out, I apparently invented a new braid?

Anyway, this has become my favorite way to wear my hair (when I have the time to do it) and I often get compliments and questions on how I did it.

So here’s how! (apologies for the number of photos, it is super hard to get a photo that shows the whole braid, especially by myself!!)

It’s just a basic french braid that you make in a spiral around your head. It takes a while to figure out how to make the spiral, but once you’ve got it, its pretty easy.

Will try to make an actual video of the process someday….

And the process:

start with a diagonal side part

grab a small section and start a classic french braid

once you reach the crown of the head and the end of the part, your inside sections will be very small and fan out from one point

stay as close to your hairline as you can to get the best crown look

this is where you’re going to have to start to readjust your grip

once you reach the back you’re going to have to change your grip as you go across the back of your head

once you get to the other ear you will have to readjust your grip again

this last part is done upside down

finish the braid, wrap into a bun and pin to your head