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Did you know? I have a super-power!

I have the ability to look at a fabric and know what it should become!

At least I’d like to think so.

This is my gorgeous friend Suzanne (or Suz). She was one of my very first commission, if not the first and that is super cool.

She came to me, wanting a summer dress that came to a V in the front, and pockets of course! Those were her only guidelines. So, we went to the fabric store and I found what I thought was one of the most beautiful fabrics I had ever seen and showed it to her for approval. She looked at me like I was a crazy person, but trusted me enough to let me go with it. And….

THIS is what happened:

photo by the amazing Drew Beck

It is a simple dress with a slight surplice top, coming to a V in the back as well. There is a waistband and the the skirt has a little fullness from some pleating. In-seam pockets as well.

photo by the amazing Drew Beck

photo by the amazing Drew Beck

Thanks Suz for being such a pro at modeling! and Drew Beck for the great pics.