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When I first learned how to use my sewing machine, I improvised a few skirts. It has been amusing to go back and look at them and see how little I knew about construction.

One of those was a floor length green linen skirt. I knew nothing of zippers so it had a ridiculous series of hooks and eyes in the back. It was far too small for me at this point, but I wanted to salvage it because it is the most perfect green and had a lot of sentimental value.

I cut off the top to make it knee-length, and amazingly enough found my fabric scraps from the project (don’t throw away your big pieces!!!!) and was able to open the skirt up and add another panel so that it would fit.

The last bit was to add some applique. I found a few amazing pieces at Deb’s Lace & Trims in the iron-on applique section for SUPER cheap. Ironed it on and voila!

How I wore it yesterday (this was AFTER an entire day of work, hence the wrinkles)

With Flash to Show the Color

This photo is from my photo-shoot…..I’m just not happy with how I styled it, but it so pretty I had to include it 🙂

Photo by the amazing Drew Beck

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