I am constantly looking for ways to be better organized. My sewing studio has become a bit of a disaster area over the last year (life!) and I have finally started making a dent in getting it to the organized masterpiece I have always wanted it to be!

The two main things I had been meaning to do (aside from a general clean up) were to find a better and more accessible way of storing my sewing tools, and to install better lighting for my sewing table.

This week I finally got around to doing both.

For the lighting issue, I installed a strip of IKEA lights under the shelf that hangs over the table. I have these lights over my drafting table, as well as my bed. They are not the brightest lights ever, but I highly recommend them.

As for organizing my tools, I chose pegboard! I’m still figuring out the configuration and which hooks work with which tools, but it is already SO much better. Everything has its own place! I found everything at Home Depot and the instillation was VERY easy.

Back next week with a new dress!  

lighting BEFORE


lighting AFTER


tools in their proper places


cone thread getting some much needed organization