Crystal Embellished Headbands:

I made one of these years ago from my friend Suzanne to wear during her wedding reception. I didn’t really know what I was doing back then and the glue I used wasn’t strong enough and the Crystals eventually started falling off. I am not one for sparkles or headbands (my head is a very weird shape and they just fall right off. I had to pin these to my head to take the photos!) but they were fun to make so I kept at it and came up with these two. Each one takes quite a while to make and eventually I abandoned the projects. 

Well, I have been cleaning out my sewing room and found them and turns out the glue or use this time works super well since these are about six years old and all the crystals are still attached!

They are both for sale on Etsy here, and I have supplies to make many more if you’re interested in a different design. I left the ribbon extremely long on both so you have a lot to work with. 

Design 1




Design 2





Framed Artwork:

In cleaning out my sewing studio I also finally got around to framing my favorite drawings from FIDM! The first four were from my final collection design, inspired by modular origami. The other four were from my final drawing project in which we were asked to find a culture that still had a traditional form of dress and be inspired by it. I chose Indonesia, specifically Balinese dance costumes.


A New Toy:

I finally got myself a new toy that he’s going to make taking photos of myself so much easier! This tripod is super bendable so I can attach it to anything and it even has a remote control shutter. Plus now I can take the photos with my phone instead of my old camera and I can see myself while I’m taking shots! Looking forward to my next solo photo shoot.