This summer I had the amazing honor of being in my twin brothers’ wedding as the 4th groomsman! It was a perfectly magical day as Bret married Jessica and brought some truly amazing people together.  I had grand plans to make all the groomsmans shirts and bow-ties as well as make my own dress, the mother of the brides’ entire outfit, a skirt for my mom and trying to finish a vest for a friend….as well as move! Well, you can imagine the outcome. Made my dress: barely, made the mother of the brides’ dress and jacket: beautiful, moms’ skirt: great, and the bow-ties….as we were getting ready!

Here are some photos from the big day that show the groomsmen in our finest, and how we got there:

The bow ties were going to be made of two different colors. We all started with the same base color and then chose from the four colors I had for the second. You can see Andy and Bret hard at work turning the little rectangles inside out (yes, that’s how late we did this, but it really only took about 5 minutes as I had already sewn all the pieces.)

Drew helping Bret choose his color

And then on to Andrew

Once everyone got their pieces turned right side out, I ironed them flat and we put them through little loops I had made. This is what the awesome fake bow-tie looks like before the neck-band is added.

I used elastic, as I thought it might be more comfortable than ribbon, and found some metallic clasps for closures. I just slipped the band through the loop of the bow-ties.

The final looks:

The handsome groom

Best Man Drew

Groomsman Andrew

Groomsman Andy

Groomsman Katy, i.e. me!

All together now

Coming at you!

Have to show you the bride!

Jessica, the gorgeous bride, Bret the handsome groom, and me (not happy with how my dress looks, that one was too last minute!)

All photos in this post are from the amazing Mike Milne.