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My new sister in law has an awesome mom. Her name is Terri, and she asked me to make her outfit for their wedding. This project was honestly my favorite, EVER! I wish I could make all her clothes for her! Terri looked amazing, and best of all, she felt amazing. This was a labor of love, for both of us and I am so happy with the results.

The dress is made of a beautiful silk and I used abalone buttons to embellish the neckline. The jacket is made of a silk dupioni. The sleeves of the dress are beautiful flutter sleeves that mirror the flare of the skirt. Unfortunately we didn’t get a shot of them at the wedding, but I’ll work on getting some photos of her alone in each piece 🙂

Terri, Jessica and Steve. All looking amazing

Terri's jacket has cool patch pockets with more shell detailing. I'll get better photos of the details

All photos in this post are from the amazing Mike Milne.