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beautiful Ann on her wedding day

Growing up in Berkeley, and going to the elementary school that I went to, provided me with a pretty cool thing – a group of friends I have known since I was in Kindergarten. I met Andrew when I was 3 years old, (he is 2 days younger than my twin brother and I and therefore became a kind of triplet for us when it came to birthdays). He was also the other artist kid in the class, and I’m happy to say he is still working that artistic magic.

Well, Andrew has a mom, and her name is Ann. She is great. She has had the fortune of finding love, again, and married her longtime friend Erich in a small ceremony at their lovely home in Berkeley in 2010.

Ann and I collaborated on her dress, which took many different forms before this lovely final one. We chose a blue silk Charmeuse for the majority of the dress and found a lovely cross-dyed silk Chiffon to use for the sleeves and some detailing. The idea was to make something that she could then wear again, say to the opera for instance…..and someday we will make a matching jacket or cover-up to go with it.

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