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My dear friend Isaac married his love Becca yesterday.

I attended a party at their house afterwards, which was filled with love and laughter and dancing and drinking! It was a magical night.

So…what did I do that day? Made a new skirt of course! I have had another great Batik fabric lying around and finally found my inspiration. A paneled flared skirt that I could fit my petticoat under if I so desired.

Since this was a winter wedding, and it has extremely cold around here lately I paired it with tights, a cardigan and a big belt…not to mention the petticoat of course!

I forgot my camera and so had to take these when I got home at about midnight. Thank you parents for the tripod!

very full skirt!

And now without the petticoat

It was a perfect skirt for a perfect night. Mozel tov you two!