I love clothing swaps and a few years ago found the most amazing pair of traditional wrap pants from Indonesia/China/Thailand (getting different info from different sources!) and have been obsessed with them ever since. I’ve been wanting to make my own pair for a while with a few tweaks to the traditional design and this week was the week to do it!


These are the original inspiration. They are my best clothing swap find ever.

They do amazing things when you walk and are incredibly comfortable, but they are very long and really need to be worn with heels.


The traditional design uses big ties for both the front and the back and end up being very bulky under a top. Part of my redesign was to add a real waist band and have snap closures instead of ties so that a top did not have to be worn tucked in. I of course forgot to take photos of that part. Sorry!

Here is my version.

The fabric may look a little familiar, I’ve used different shades of it twice before, here and here. Apparently I’m obsessed with it and thrilled I keep finding it in so many different shades and combinations. This was from the 50% off section.


They are so comfortable. I love that you get the feeling of a skirt, but the practicality of pants. Unfortunately the design is not conducive to pockets, but I’ll work on that.