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Reef is an awesome little dude who turned 6 yesterday. He also happens to be my neighbor and shares the back yard with me.

Me and Reef hanging in the back yard

Reef’s dad is a chef and Reef and his older sister Marley learned how to work in a kitchen, even using knives correctly since they were very young. I thought about what I could make for him and quickly came up with the idea of a custom apron for him. I talking with Marley about what kind of fabric to use and ended up learning that he is in love with carrots right now, so I was set! I also wanted to hand embroider a little customized patch at the top that said CHEF REEF.

So, he had his party today and I got to  give his his apron. He loves it, but did not like me making him put it on in front of everyone, sorry buddy!

looking sharp!

I can’t wait to do some cooking or gardening with this guy!

Happy Birthday Reef!