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Do you live in the Bay Area and want to learn how to sew? Do you have a sewing machine laying around that you forgot or don’t know how to use? I can teach you! And I will even come to your house!

Meet Carey, my most recent student who had a machine, couldn’t quite remember how to use it and had some projects that needed to be done:

“I hadn’t sewn anything since I was 16. I inherited a Bernina from my Mom when she passed away and it’s been sitting in my garage for longer than I care to admit. Katy helped me bring this machine to life and I am thrilled. She came to my house and helped me dust off the machine and plan my project. We designed a slipcover for my futon. She taught me how to measure and choose the right amount of fabric; cut a pattern; thread the machine; thread a bobbin; and complete the whole project in 3 days. I had considered going to a class but having Katy come to my home and give me private lessons was absolutely deluxe. She is a patient, kind teacher and her experience in fashion means that I can continue to get more advanced instruction as I advance in my skills. I am so pleased. I have since made 2 more covers for my futon and am now in the middle of making a linen slipcover for my sofa. Now I love sewing so much I can’t seem to stop. I can’t recommend Katy highly enough. It’s been such enjoyable experience learning to sew again. ”

She did an amazing job and I am proud to have her as a student. Check out her first project!


So, if you are looking for a sewing teacher, look no further! Just contact me at katyturner@gmail.com or 510-299-7206.

Happy Sewing!