Grady the Great is my friend Suzanne’s adorable son. He was born on Thanksgiving day two years ago while I was at home with his two doggie brothers. I ended up being his nanny for a good chunk of time starting when he was around 6 months and I absolutely adore this silly crazy little guy. I don’t get to see him, or his mom nearly as much since he started daycare, but that is the nature of life, we all just keep growing.

I do however sometimes get to see them for a hike in Redwood park. The last time was a little while ago and I realized it was the first time I would be seeing this little dude since his first birthday! I was a little nervous he wouldn’t remember me so I thought of what he might like. Grady LOVES hats. Not always mind you, only when he says so of course. He was also going through a phase (I think it has since passed?) where everything had to have dogs on it. Some questions for Mommy and I was set.

Grady wasn’t all that impressed when I gave him the hat as it apparently wasn’t exactly hat time. But no worries. We had a blast on our hike and once it was over I got all the hugs I had been missing. Later, once Grady had time to inspect the hat he loved it and wore it to a friends wedding recently.


Testing the water.


Lemonade with Mommy!


This was really a prototype as it fit a little strangely because I didn’t have a pattern and wasn’t sure of the shape. Once he outgrows this one I have tons of doggies to decorate more.