Shana got married a few weeks ago and I had the honor of making her wedding dress.

How I know Shana is a perfect example of how Facebook can bring people together. Shana is a childhood classmate of my sister-in-law who found me on Facebook! The rest is history.

Shana came to me with a pretty specific idea in mind for her dress and it was just perfect. She wanted something short, with pockets, lace or eyelet and something she could wear a petticoat under. Sounded like a dream dress to me! We talked a lot about what she did and didn’t want and then we went to buy the fabric. We started at Britex in San Francisco, as I had bought some amazing fabric there a few years ago for a dress of mine that Shana loved. This however was not to be the case for us. I should have just stuck with my regular place as Britex was a waste of a trip as usual. If you live in the Bay Area, go to Stonemountain & Daughter, you won’t be disappointed! We immediately found the fabric of Shana’s dreams and things were starting to fall into place. The main fabric is an off white polka-dot eyelet and a really amazing hem I was able to cut out. Then there is a really nice light orange cotton as an under layer. After a few draping sessions and fittings Shana’s dress was ready for her on her big day.





Santa-Rosa-Wedding-011a1 (1)







I am thrilled with the end result. The best part of the dress (aside from the pockets) is that we designed it so that it can be worn again in a more casual setting. Once the petticoat is removed the dress is less fancy and as it is all made from cotton it can easily be dyed any color she wants.

All the photos are from The Goodness where a beautiful recounting of the day can be found along with many more photos.